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  • Man correctly installing an air vent
    07/20/20 - northfieldheatingair 884 Comments
    Why Are HVAC Air Filters so Important?

    Often overlooked, air filters are a vital component of HVAC systems. While their primary function is to remove harmful particles from the air as it circulates, air filters also help regulate air temperature and keep HVAC systems in healthy working order. Here’s a look at why air filters are so important for indoor air quality and HVAC system health.

    Cleaner Air

    It goes without saying that air filters are primarily tasked with cleaning the air. Without air filters, dust, pollen, dirt, and pet dander would float freely through HVAC systems and the buildings they heat and cool. These allergens and harmful airborne particles wreak havoc on indoor air quality and can trigger allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems in occupants. Seeing the built-up debris on a well-used air filter is an easy way to understand their key role in improved indoor air quality.

    A Healthier HVAC System

    Having clean, functioning air filters is also critical to an HVAC system’s overall performance and efficiency. Having a filter in place prevents particles and moisture from building up elsewhere in the system, for example. Additionally, when air can move freely through a clean filter, the system can more consistently heat and cool a building. Clean filters also ensure that an HVAC system doesn’t have to work overtime, which prevents it from overheating, freezing up, and needing frequent repairs.

    Lower Energy Consumption

    In addition to requiring fewer repairs and running more efficiently, HVAC systems consume less energy with a clean filter in place. Dirty, clogged filters prevent the air from circulating properly, which causes heating and cooling systems to compensate by burning through more energy. By simply replacing HVAC air filters regularly, homeowners and building managers can keep energy consumption and expenses to a minimum.

    Regularly replacing your HVAC system’s air filters is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home efficiently heated and cooled. When problems still persist, our team at Northfield Heating And Air can provide Chicagoland-area residents with air conditioning and heating repairs, as well as new air conditioning and heating installations. To schedule service, contact us today by calling (847) 251-2740.

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  • Man correctly installing an air vent
    06/23/20 - northfieldheatingair 32 Comments
    Four Essential Furnace Maintenance Tips

    In colder climates, having a well-functioning home furnace is essential. Although furnaces typically remain unused during spring and summer, homeowners should still perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that their heating system is in good working order when winter arrives. Here are four essential furnace maintenance tips.

    Clean or Replace Air Filters

    An HVAC system is only as healthy as its air filters. Dirty filters can do severe damage to entire heating and cooling systems, from reducing their efficiency and performance to even causing the whole system to break down. Homeowners should check all air filters at least once a month and clean or replace filters that have become dirty and clogged.

    Keep Air Registers and Exhaust Pipes Clear

    Like air filters, furnace air registers and exhaust pipes must also be kept clean and clear of blockages. If an air register is clogged or blocked by household objects, the furnace won’t be able to heat the house evenly and efficiently. If outdoor exhaust pipes are blocked, heat and air from the furnace won’t have an escape, which is a safety hazard.

    Check CO Detectors

    Carbon monoxide leaks are dangerous and potentially life-threatening emergencies. It’s therefore vital to ensure that all CO detectors are up-to-date and in good working order. Replace batteries regularly, and keep extras on hand just in case they’re needed, especially during winter when the furnace will be used frequently.

    Schedule Professional Maintenance

    Although homeowners can do a lot on their own by inspecting and maintaining their furnace throughout the year, scheduling annual professional HVAC maintenance is also important. An experienced HVAC technician can identify and address problems that homeowners often overlook. Professional inspections, seasonal maintenance, and replacements help to keep entire HVAC systems running efficiently and safely all year long.

    By performing simple maintenance throughout the year, homeowners can have a healthy, efficient furnace for winter. At Northfield Heating and Air, we offer furnace installations and repairs to keep your home safely and effectively heated during suburban Chicago’s icy winters. To learn more, or to schedule service, contact us by calling (847) 251-2740 today.

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  • A smart thermostat mounted on a wall
    06/23/20 - northfieldheatingair 1 Comment
    Four Major Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostats give homeowners better control over their HVAC systems, enabling them to change their home’s temperature remotely, track energy usage, and set more efficient cooling and heating schedules, all of which may lower energy costs. Here are four of the significant benefits of smart thermostats.

    Remote Control

    Smart thermostats enable homeowners to control the temperature in their homes from wherever they are in the world. This ability comes with many advantages, from being able to increase or decrease the temperature before arriving home, to monitoring the house’s temperature during long periods away. Smart thermostats can even be set to notify homeowners if the interior temperature rises above or drops below an established range, which could indicate a problem.

    Energy Tracking

    Homeowners can also keep track of their energy usage using smart thermostat applications. Knowing how and when an HVAC system consumes energy helps homeowners develop better cooling and heating habits, which can lower costs. Smart thermostats also offer home-specific settings for more energy-efficient HVAC usage.

    Easy Cooling and Heating Scheduling

    Using a smart thermostat, homeowners can also set HVAC system schedules to curb unnecessary energy usage. For example, if no one is home from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, a smart thermostat can be programmed to run accordingly. Schedules can also be set to coincide with seasonal changes and outside temperature fluctuations.

    Lower Energy Bills

    The previous three features can all add up to serious savings. When a home HVAC system runs more efficiently, less energy is consumed and, ultimately, paid for. With a smart thermostat, homeowners can get a highly personalized HVAC system and quickly see lower numbers in their energy bills.

    In addition to installing a smart thermostat, homeowners can enjoy ideal interior temperatures while using less energy and lowering costs by keeping HVAC systems in healthy working order. At Northfield Heating and Air, we provide a range of HVAC services across suburban Chicago, including installations and repairs for A/Cs, as well as heating repairs, and HVAC maintenance. To learn more or to schedule service, call us at (847) 251-2740 today.

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  • 05/23/19 - northfieldheatingair 0 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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