A smart thermostat mounted on a wall

Four Major Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats give homeowners better control over their HVAC systems, enabling them to change their home’s temperature remotely, track energy usage, and set more efficient cooling and heating schedules, all of which may lower energy costs. Here are four of the significant benefits of smart thermostats.

Remote Control

Smart thermostats enable homeowners to control the temperature in their homes from wherever they are in the world. This ability comes with many advantages, from being able to increase or decrease the temperature before arriving home, to monitoring the house’s temperature during long periods away. Smart thermostats can even be set to notify homeowners if the interior temperature rises above or drops below an established range, which could indicate a problem.

Energy Tracking

Homeowners can also keep track of their energy usage using smart thermostat applications. Knowing how and when an HVAC system consumes energy helps homeowners develop better cooling and heating habits, which can lower costs. Smart thermostats also offer home-specific settings for more energy-efficient HVAC usage.

Easy Cooling and Heating Scheduling

Using a smart thermostat, homeowners can also set HVAC system schedules to curb unnecessary energy usage. For example, if no one is home from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, a smart thermostat can be programmed to run accordingly. Schedules can also be set to coincide with seasonal changes and outside temperature fluctuations.

Lower Energy Bills

The previous three features can all add up to serious savings. When a home HVAC system runs more efficiently, less energy is consumed and, ultimately, paid for. With a smart thermostat, homeowners can get a highly personalized HVAC system and quickly see lower numbers in their energy bills.

In addition to installing a smart thermostat, homeowners can enjoy ideal interior temperatures while using less energy and lowering costs by keeping HVAC systems in healthy working order. At Northfield Heating and Air, we provide a range of HVAC services across suburban Chicago, including installations and repairs for A/Cs, as well as heating repairs, and HVAC maintenance. To learn more or to schedule service, call us at (847) 251-2740 today.


05/17/22 by Tormura

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